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Jacob Anthony Warren, BALS


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"The Peer Support Consultation approach allows individuals in practice to come together with trust, support, collegiality, and confidentially to create moments that are meaningful, practical, and enriching that can be applied both personally and professionally.  Using the case consultation questionnaire to help guide and direct the content and to keep context, boundary and structure to very malleable and varied topics of discussion, we are able to take deep dives into how our work impacts our personal lives and, in turn, how our personal lives impact our work."



Jacob Anthony Warren currently resides in West Sacramento, California. He was born in Oregon, raised in Washington; left his heart in Hawaii after four years of residency, and presently calls California “the home of the now.”  


He has been a professional interpreter since 1996 and received his RID CT and CI national certifications in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Signing since the age of 4 years old, learning from friends and “chosen family,” he entered the VRS industry in 2004 and has predominantly worked in VRS, VRI, and Medical interpreting for the past 15 plus years. Along with his journey in interpreting, Jacob has a passion for bodywork and holistic healing. He received his Massage Diploma in 2009 from Remington College in Honolulu, Hi and subsequently received his License and Certifications to practice Bodywork in Hawaii and California.  

What we love about Jacob is his intelligent, wise and eclectic nature. Since we've known him Jacob has received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ashford University in Library Science and Media in 2020. He is a humble servant to his love of knowledge, information, and its organization, archival, and restoration. As a lifelong learner he is continuing his pursuit of graduate level work in library science as well as other academic and knowledge increasing ventures.


With these focuses, Jacob approaches his careers with holistic intent along with work-life integration through various practices based on self-care and self-compassion using a variety of techniques and practices, including the use or Peer Support and Consultation methods.

As a holistic practitioner, bodyworker, interpreter, librarian, voice actor, and the many careers that Jake has chosen to define himself by over the years, the student and lifelong learner has driven him to learn more about self and others and how we affect each other and those that we serve.  We stand in appreciation and awe that Jacob chooses to facilitate and participate in Peer Support Consultation groups as part of his journey of learning and self discovery.

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