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Rob Balaam, MA, PCC, CPCC 
RID Certified CI & CT

"This work and these groups allow those involved, myself included, to connect to what is best about our humanness. PSCPI groups are a place for us to see others for who they are at their essential nature, and then it allows us to see ourselves in that way. My participation in PSCPI groups allows me to re-group, connect, and restore what I thought was gone. It's the superpower that allows me to bring all of me to my life." 

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Rob Balaam is a leadership coach/facilitator/trainer. We know him for the care and insight he brings to the individuals and groups he works with. Many of us have been in groups with Rob and we know him to be loving, funny, patient and oh, so wise. Rob supports his clients not to see life as having problems to be solved, but instead issues as an opportunity. When we see ourselves and feel whole and resilient, we can succeed in-spite or even because we face adversity. It is not our circumstances that define us, but what we bring to those circumstances.

Rob earned his Master's in Organizational Development and Leadership in 2020 and has been a certified coach since 2017. He has worked with individuals and groups from various fields, including ASL interpreters, leadership teams, small businesses, and non-profit boards. We're thrilled that he shares his work with us, too!

Rob has been an interpreter for over 25 years. He has held the positions of Region V Representative and Vice- President on the Board of Directors of the Register for Interpreters for the Deaf. He also co-owns the interpreting agency, Partners In Communication LLC in Northern California.

Rob has worked with new interpreters, seasoned interpreters, student interpreters, and teams of staff interpreters. Areas that these groups and others have focused on with Rob include:

  • Restoring resiliency and ease in the face of struggle and stress

  • Engaging with our emotional intelligence to move our perspective,

  • Mindfulness and self-compassion

  • Better communication and better relationships

  • Bringing curiosity and inquiry to support better teams

If you're interested in working with Rob, reach out to him or contact Arlyn at

You can check out Rob's website and learn more about what he offers at

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