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Julie Allen, BA 

RID Certified, CI, NIC

"Being part of a PSCPI group is truly one of the highlights of my month. The work we do fortifies each of us in ways that let us remember who we are, and bring our whole selves into every facet of our lives. It allows us to remember our resilience and worth, and gives us a safe harbor in which to process difficult work scenarios."

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Julie's talents lie in deep empathy and understanding, keen listening and asking powerful questions. We know her as someone who helps members create and hold safe space for processing work. Julie has within her a deep well of calm and courage. She is wise and wonderful. But then, we're partial.

Julie Allen resides in St. Paul MN and has raised 2 Jamaican/American  sons, alone, in a climate of racial injustice and tension. This has given rise to a fierce and tireless spirit of advocacy. Her passion for adventure and cultural  experiences has led her to travel to Jamaica (among  many other places) with a group of doctors from Kaiser Permanente on medical missions several times, including serving the Parish in which she has family. Julie has an artist’s soul and a strong spirit of social justice.

Having experienced lateral violence in her first job after graduating from her ITP caused Julie to self isolate in work, for nearly 11 years. That is, until she discovered PSCPI. Julie's involvement in the group provided healing, fostered trust, and allowed deep wisdom to emerge and find its place in service of the profession and of interpreters.  

Julie has been a freelance medical interpreter for 20 years. Graduating in 1999 from an ITP and again in 2012 with a self designed BA: Cultural  Implications in Interpreting. Julie got certified RID CI in 2004 and RID NIC in 2013.

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