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April Forsland
RID Certified CI & CT

"I am a people person. It’s so important for me to connect with other interpreters. We can’t share our experiences with our typical sounding boards, like friends and family, beyond generalities. The Peer Support Consultation Project for Interpreters, AKA PSCPI, (pronounced 'Pah Skippy') has been a great place for me to do that. We share our experiences and are immediately understood. PSCPI is on my calendar because it is a confidential, safe space to share interpreter stuff. It’s our turn to talk with our own words! It feels fantastic to be heard and understood."

April is a born and raised a Minnesotan. Uffda! She's even got that accent, the dry humor and the practicality. April thrives on opportunities to get together with other interpreters and likes to learn from people of all ages, and from all walks of life. She is most at home when she is traveling the world. PSCPI has been so powerful for April that it seemed a natural choice when she requested to take the facilitator training. April wants to bring the experience she has gained from PSCPI to other interpreters.


In April's groups, interpreters will get together and talk about the work. "We learn to listen carefully and encourage each other to go deeper and find our own genuine answers. There’s no 'fixing' in PSCPI." The topics you will discuss lie at the intersection where professional and personal meet. If members have a situation they would like to share, they process it and we work it out together. Situations do not have to be dramatic or big. Sometimes it is something that a member has been holding onto for a long time and never shared. Or maybe it is something that happened very recently and is still fresh. It’s surprising how the process helps members learn something and take away tools at the end of each group. April reminds members to "Just bring your messy self. We got ya!"

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