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Janice Nierstedt-Keegan, MA, CI

"When I learned about PSCPI, it was love at first sight! It combines my love for the Deaf Community, my desire for personal exploration and growth, and my need for deep connection with others. PSCPI groups provide a warm, safe, and supportive space for processing our experiences as interpreters. I have found the knowledge, empathy, and understanding we share to be therapeutic. I would like to offer the gifts of PSCPI, especially self-compassion and care, to other interpreters as a PSCPI Group Facilitator."


Janice sees a special kind of magic in her life which has brought her to PSCPI! At Gallaudet University, she studied ASL, Deaf Culture, and participated in the Personal Discovery Program. The students would engage in physical challenges and then debrief.  These groups as well as those in outdoor adventure courses at Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center & Outward Bound convinced her of the healing power of groups. She received her Master's in Mental Health Counseling in 1994. While working as a counselor and interpreter, she discovered 12 Step Interpreting, one of her true passions. She has been a Medical, Mental Health & Recovery Interpreter for over 25 years. For the last nearly 10 years, she has been a Staff Senior Interpreter at Access Interpreting, Inc. 


If you are interested in joining one of Janice's groups, please contact her at

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