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Libby McKnight, MSSW 

RID Certified CI & CT

“I have loved the community I have found in my participation with a PSCPI group. I feel like I can bring all of me to the group, without fear of being judged. We are all known and loved for, and with, our humanity. 'Wholehearted' should be the nickname for this approach to supporting each other and our work."

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Libby has been one of PSCPI's most enthusiastic supporters. Libby brings wisdom and warmth to this endeavor. For almost 40 years, Libby has volunteered in a variety of capacities, including as a coach, at Landmark Worldwide, an educational company committed to individual, professional and organizational growth and development. People she has worked with as a coach consistently appreciate her “calm warmth,” as she assists them with life challenges and goals. Libby is her group members' best cheerleader - and she's not afraid to tell the truth. We have come to know that to her core, Libby is always loving, humble and respectful.

Libby comes to group facilitation from a 33-year career as an Interpreter. In April 2020, Libby retired from interpreting after a stroke affected her left side. She has a graduate degree in Social Work (MSSW). Before working full-time as an interpreter, Libby worked with deaf clients in educational and social service agency settings. She has been a staff interpreter in a large federal agency and has been on staff for several interpreting agencies, too. 



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