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You may be balancing more than you know.

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The Peer Support and Consultation Project for Interpreters (PSCPI) is a unique, experiential facilitated group structure designed to confront and ameliorate professional stress. At its foundation is the belief that when interpreters feel better, we work better.


There are countless personal benefits to interpreting work, yet, interpreters are also vulnerable to cumulative changes in their thinking, behavior and emotions. Over time, professional stress conditions, such as vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue, have the potential to set in motion a process of protective numbing to the pain and loss that we witness in the course of our work. Ironically, numbing can go hand in hand with increased sensitivity to stress. Without intervention, these changes can lead to diminished attitude, neutrality, self-management, cognitive flexibility and overall effectiveness. PSCPI was designed to counter and reverse this unwanted and often unconscious erosion of well-being and professionalism.

Integral to the design of monthly PSCPI meetings are protective factors for vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. These groups provide fresh, supportive and challenging environments where interpreters can share and reflect upon the sources and impacts of professional stress with trusted colleagues. Through this unique sharing, members lessen the impact of this type of stress on their lives, increase their psychological resilience, and encourage more creativity and flexibility in professional settings.

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