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Stacey Ferguson, MS 

RID Certified CI & CT, NIC

"Joining a PSCPI cohort was a powerful experience for me as a participant many years ago. Not only did it provide me with the opportunity to be part of a network of caring individuals (especially in a field where I often felt isolated), I was able to learn from insights and contributions of my peers at every meeting. Our shared experience created a deep sense of community where we supported each other through challenges and celebrated each other's successes."

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Stacey Ferguson is a Leadership & Life Coach/Trainer known for her witty wisdom and down-to-earth approach. What we adore about her is her passion for spreading joy, building community, and working with people to bring greater self-awareness and intentionality to their lives. At Whole Interpreter Enterprises we are thrilled that she is contributing her unique brand of positivity to the interpreting field.


Stacey earned her Master’s in Psychology in 2012 with a focus on Leadership Development and Coaching. She has worked with individuals from various fields including ASL interpreters, members of management teams, project managers, and non-profit employees.


In addition to her passion for coaching and training, Stacey is a nationally certified ASL interpreter and has over 15 years of professional interpreting experience in areas such as medical, post-secondary education, video relay services, various community interpreting, and serving as a full-time designated interpreter for a deaf professional. She has that rare blend of rock star skills and humility. (Can you tell we love Stacey?)

When you join a group with Stacey, you will deepen your network and experience a deep sense of community. She's also a master at guiding participants in a process of:


  • building proficiency in reflection, reframing, questions and curiosity, and problem-solving

  • deepening trust and collaboration among peers

  • improving interpersonal support skills: listening, coaching, questioning, and feedback

  • developing emotional intelligence and creative thinking

  • celebrating successes with a supportive team

  • exercising a greater sense of accountability 

Stacey's groups have a variety of themes: Leadership Teams - VRS - Community Interpreters.

If you're interested in working with Stacey, reach out to her or contact Arlyn at

You can check out Stacey's website and learn more about what she offers at her LinkedIn Page:

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