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Arlyn Anderson, MA, PCC, CPCC
RID Certified CI & CT

"PSCPI is more than a professional endeavor for me. These monthly groups lift me up, remind me of who I am, and serve to restore my belief that we are all creative, resourceful and whole. I have facilitated almost 400 group meetings and I take something away from each one that I can directly apply to my life and work."


Arlyn is a mental health interpreting consultant, compassion fatigue educator and internationally credentialed personal coach. She has dedicated her expertise, creativity and fierce heart to individuals and projects benefiting the interpreting community, including RID Standard Practice Papers on Mental Health Interpreting and Video Remote Interpreting, and the NCIEC Mental Health Interpreting Domains and Competencies.


Mental health interpreting has been her long time passion and her curiosity and focus has lead her to teach Mental Health Interpreting at St. Catherine University and Metropolitan State University, in Minnesota, as well as create her own 16-week online program. Arlyn is the Author of the Whole Interpreter’s Guide to Mental Health Interpreting which was written for New Mexico Mentoring. 


She is the co-founder and lead facilitator of the Peer Support and Consultation Project for Interpreters and she currently facilitates multiple groups focused on interpreter effectiveness and well-being. Arlyn received her MA in Human Development, from St. Mary’s University, in Minneapolis, where she concentrated her studies on the intersection of clinical psychology, interpreting and interpreter and therapist wellness. Arlyn is the owner of Whole Interpreter Enterprises, LLC and ID She is the currently landlocked skipper of the good ships Freelancer and Seaster. (Call her up if you want to talk sailing.)

Arlyn's groups have a variety of themes: Newer Interpreters - Mental Health Interpreters - Seasoned Interpreters and others who want to connect, learn and grow. All of Arlyn's groups are designed to help put the spring back in your step, rewind your vicarious trauma, and help people who work in emotionally-charged settings (hint, we all do) to restore wholeness, compassion and purpose. 

If you're interested in working with Arlyn individually, or being involved in a pop up workshop or PSCPI group, reach out to Arlyn at

You can check out Arlyn's website and learn more about what she offers at While we're at it, check out her ID badge business:

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