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Finally! A safe, supportive and productive interpreting community - a place to have conversations that matter!


Your Resource for Wholehearted Facilitated Interpreter Groups

Don't go it alone

You do NOT have to go it alone in the

Interpreting field.

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You deserve to be a part of a genuinely smart, supportive and productive professional network. When you join a Peer Support and Consultation Project for Interpreters (PSCPI) group, you allow yourself the opportunity to be seen, heard, and understood as the complex and unique professional that you are.

PSCPI groups are facilitated professional support and consultation groups created to support interpreter resilience and offset vicarious trauma, burnout, and compassion fatigue. We explore personal and professional effectiveness through uplifting, authentic, and productive conversation and structured consultation. We address the internal stuff that gets in the way of you doing great work.


As a PSCPI member, you will learn to mine the most personally challenging aspects of your work for the transformative gems contained within. When you bring your whole self to the table, the learning goes deep and it becomes possible to exchange tired habits for new ways of approaching your life and work.




Most PSCPI Groups meet once a month for 12 months. To keep the experience intimate, groups are usually limited to 8 members. Groups may have themes or other features that connect members. Some attract members from a particular location, professional niche, like VRS or mental health interpreting, or length of time in the field. All groups focus on supporting and uplifting members, self-development and ameliorating the effects of professional stress, like vicarious trauma and empathic strain.

We are committed to creating safe and supportive spaces for BIPOC interpreters.

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Meet Our Fabulous Facilitators


Each of these current and former PSCPI group members has a story about what led them to want to become a PSCPI facilitator. Each one wanted to take this group experience into their own communities. Click on their picture to learn more about them. As future cohorts emerge, so too, will the reach of PSCPI and the reflection of the diversity of our field.  

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